Querying is an important area of interacting with a database.


The following only applies if you are using @kennydude’s version

To query the database you use the model.find() method from the Model Class

A simple = operation can be done like so:

model.find( { "field" : "value" })


To use more than a straightforward = or in operator you use a slightly different syntax like so:

        field : { "operator" : "value" }

Those operators are:

Operator Values to use operator
Equals =
Less Than <, “less than”
Less Than or Equal to <=, “less than or equal to”
More than >, “more than”
More than or equal to >=, “more than or equal to”

If you want to use IN you present a list of values which is done like so:

        field : [ "item 1", "item 2" ]